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Malabar latex produces innovative rubber based products which have earned a reputation for their consistent quality and timely delivery.

The World class. Rubber products

We have a well processing units for manufacturing centrifuged latex,skim crepe .These are equipped with the latest imported Alfa level centrifuge machines . The lab attached to the unit are considered to be one of the best in the country.


centrifuged rubber latex

Our centrifuged latex is used by manufactures of condoms ,gloves,balloons,elasticthread,mattressetc the cenex grades are


Creamed Latex

Available grades


skim crepe

It is made from the rubber bye product of latex centrifuging process and skim rubber which has 3-5% rubber. This can be advantageously used in tyrere treadingcompounds,ebonite products and micro cellular products as wll as in general rubber goods such as car mats, flaps, rubber tiles and shoe soles . This can also blended with other natural rubber grades in the eight proportion to get the desired quality of end products thereby saving substantial cost of row material.

We are conventional method is used to manufacture skim crepe. This method focused to healthier and environment friendly manufacturing process in higher quality. Packing-40 kgs/block.